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Make it Happen

The Committee

The Westminster Parents Participation Group consists of 3 Executive Committee members and 9 Steering Group members. Let us introduce you to the Executive Team: 

Hend Rahman

 Chairperson of the Executive Committee


A Message from the Chair

As the chair of Make It Happen, I sincerely want to thank you all of your support and hard work over the years. 

As many of you know, I am a parent care myself. I started working with the parents' forum since 2014/15. I find working with parents exteremly rewarding and simply fun. Shaping the services to help our children live with degnity and pursue thier full potential, will always be the aim of Make it Happen. Yes our we take our cause very seriously, but that doesn't mean that we can't have some fun during the journey. Trips, Fundays, Pampering, or simply enjoing a cuppa with a friendly chat. We focus on making our events as packed with information as possible. We will usually have a speaker or a surgery (1:1 support with a manager from LA). Parents tell us that Make it Happen help them get their voice heard, and helps by offering that most needed peer support.

"Our Task is lifelong. Our resilience is remarkable. Our need for support to help our chidlren live a fulfilling life, is at times desperate." quote from Dear Minster.


Hend Rahman, 




Douaa Benkacem and

Nassima Bouguelil 

Vice-chairs of the Executive Committee


The members of the steering group are: 

Douaa Benkacem

Nassima Bouguelil

Liliana Jawarneh

Chika Omo

Lara Walford

Mereret Roresa 




Outreach Participation Worker: Lucky Begum



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