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Experiences of a carer (share your story)

Having a child with special needs comes as a shock to us all, and nothing can prepare you for this. Each person deals with this differently and some better than others. Some of us have to deal with this on our own and others have the support of a loving family.  But this does not make the personal battle within ourselves or the job of being a carer any less challenging. If you would like to share your story and maybe let others find comfort and hope that all these feeling and experiences have something to teach us, and allow us to grow and be better carers ourselves.  

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Becoming a member is easy, just email us or join us at one of our drop ins to find out more. If you want to become part of our steering group you will have the opportunity to have further training and meet with boards to bring forward concerns to our members  before  decisions are made. 

Westminster Parents Participation Group  

389A Harrow Road


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Contact us by phone via WSPLD Family Services Team on:

020 8968 2694


Chairperson, Hend Rahman


Vice Chairs: Yusra Esper and Shoulana Adededji




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